Joint ICQM-RCQM Meeting

Joint ICQM-RCQM Meeting Agenda

Date: March 7th, 2015

Location: Brockman Hall for Physics, Room 300

8 ~ 8:30am          Breakfast

8:30am                 Opening Remarks (President Leebron)

8:40am                 RCQM-Introduction (Qimiao Si)

9:00am                 AMO Physics at Rice (Kaden Hazzard)

9:20am                 Ultrafast, Nonlinear, and Magneto-optical Spectroscopy of Nanostructures

and Nanomaterials (Qi Zhang)

9:40 am                Universal spin and heat transport at the surface of a bulk topological

superconductor (Matt Foster)

10:10~10:40am    Coffee Break

10:40am               ICQM-Introduction (Ruirui Du)

11:00am               Superconductivity in 2D limit (Jian Wang)

11:20am               Probing proton dynamics with STM (Ying Jiang)

11:40pm               Optical spectroscopy study on the density wave and

superconductivity in Na2Ti2Pn2O (Pn=Sb, As) and

                                    Ba2Ti2Fe2As4O (Nanling Wang)

12:00pm               Transport experiments in Ultralow temperatures (Xi Lin)

12:30~2pm          Lunch

2~3pm                  Discussion on Collaboration

3~5pm                  Lab Tours (Kono, Thomann, Dai, Hulet, Natelson)

3:00-3:30 Thomann Lab

5:45pm                 Shuttle Pick Up in front of Brockman Hall

6pm                       Dinner


The purpose of this meeting is to introduce research activities to members of ICQM and RCQM. We will have meetings to discuss potential collaborations and organize lab tours for our guests from ICQM.

About ICQM

International Center for Quantum Materials (ICQM, website: was established in 2010 by Peking University with Professor Xin-Cheng Xie as its founding Director. ICQM endeavors to nurture an exciting research and educational environment that attracts and retains scholars of high caliber, creates opportunities for idea exchanges and international collaborations. ICQM also makes concerted efforts to promote its academic excellence and maintain scientific individuality, so as to better lift its visibility and reputation in international theaters.

ICQM is dedicated to bringing in both internationally-renowned scientists and excellent young researchers from different areas of condensed matter and material physics and enabling them to work together productively. Up to May 2011, its academic staff comprises 4 Chair Professors, 2 tenured professors and 11 tenure-track faculty members. Among the senior researchers are 1 Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 4 Fellows of American Physics Society and 4 awardees of the National Science Foundation of China for Distinguished Young Scholars. At full strength, ICQM will have research personnel consisting of 30 permanent members and 100 non-permanent members (Ph.D. and Postdoctoral Fellows).
ICQM devotes itself to a wide range of research subjects in the general area of condensed matter physics and quantum materials science. Topics and systems of current interest include, but not limited to, quantum transportation, strong-correlated electron systems, low-dimensional electron systems, topological effects in condensed matter physics, mesoscopic superconducting systems, spintronics, advanced scanning tunneling microscopy, ultra-cold atoms, computational simulations for quantum materials, ultra-fast spectroscopy´╝î phase transitions in soft matters, physical chemistry at the single molecule level.
In addition to pursuing outstanding research, ICQM has also taken initiative in planning and realizing substantial exchanges and collaborations. ICQM has established collaborations with many world renowned institutions, such as Rice University (USA), The University of Taxes at Austin (USA), Pennsylvania State University (USA), International Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter (USA), etc. At present, ICQM hosts weekly seminars by inviting national and overseas leading researchers. The Center also organizes research workshops and conferences on important topics each year. As currently envisioned, ICQM will further provide her facilities and hospitality to more visiting scholars and students through various mechanisms in the future.

Link to ICQM Webpage

Organizer Prof. Han Pu


Sat, March 7, 2015


Brockman Hall for Physics - Room 300
Brockman Hall for Physics
Houston, Texas 77005
United States