U.S.-France Workshop on Nano, Extreme Measurements, and Theory (NEXT), a RCQM International Initiative

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One of the ultimate goals of the Rice Center for Quantum Materials (RCQM) is to create an international network in the research field of quantum materials – with Rice at its hub

The goal of this event is to increase the mutual understanding of RCQM and NEXT in terms of expertise, common interests, and future possibilities in collaborative research and education. This will be followed by a second symposium to be held in Toulouse (time to be determined).


What’s NEXT – Nano, EXtreme measurements, and Theory? 

Created in 2011 in Toulouse, NEXT is a multi-­disciplinary organization working at the frontier of knowledge in the realms of nanophysics and nanochemistry, condensed matter physics, optics, and atomic/molecular physics.  NEXT members are scientists and engineers from six laboratories located within a 1.5-­kilometer radius – CEMES, LNCMI, LCAR, LPCNO, LCPQ, and LPT – involving the main French national research organization (CNRS), a leading scientific university (Université Paul Sabatier), and an engineering school hosting a strong research department (INSA Toulouse). There are currently ~200 NEXT researchers, which include both physicists and chemists, as well as ~160 Ph.D. students and postdocs.  An important characteristic of NEXT is the strong interplay between experimental and theoretical teams.

NEXT’s six laboratories have unique experimental facilities that Rice University researchers can utilize in their research, including pulsed high magnetic fields at LNCMI: Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Intense and nanofabrication facilities (‘pico-­lab’) at CEMES: Centre d'Elaboration de Matériaux et d'Etudes Structurales. In addition, NEXT has two well-­â€established theoretical institutes (LCPQ and LPT) with which Rice researchers, both experimentalists and theorists, can interact.


Friday, February 27

Morning Session Location: Duncan Hall

08:45-09:15 Continental Breakfast

09:15-09:20 Qimiao Si, RCQM Director, Welcome Remarks

09:20-09:30 Peter Rossky, Dean, Wiess School of Natural Sciences, Welcome Remarks

09:30-09:35 Sujiro Seam, French Consul General, Welcome Remarks

09:35-10:05 Xavier Marie, NEXT Director, Overview & Quantum Optoelectronics

10:05-10:25 Adnen Mlayah, Spectroscopy of Nanosystems

10:25-10:45 Andre Gourdon, Molecular Electronics

10:45-11:00 Break

11:00-11:20 Juliette Billy, Ultracold Atoms

11:20-11:40 Pina Romaniello and Arjan Berger, Many-Body Theory

11:40-12:00 Oliver Portugall, Ultrahigh Magnetic Field

12:00-13:30 Lunch

Afternoon Session Location: Brockman Hall for Physics, Room 300

13:30-13:50 Qimiao Si, RCQM Overview, Condensed Matter

13:50-14:10 Pulickel Ajayan, Materials Science at Rice

14:10-14:30 Kaden Hazzard, AMO Research at Rice  

14:30-18:00 Individual meetings and lab visits

19:00- Dinner


Saturday, February 28
All day -- individual meetings and lab visits continue

List of participants from Toulouse:
Andre Gourdon, CEMES
Adnen Mlayah, CEMES
Juliette Billy, LCAR
Pina Romaniello, LPT
Arjan Berger, LCPQ
Oliver Portugall, LNCMI
Jean Leotin, LNCMI/NEXT
Xavier Marie, LPCNO/NEXT

Organizer Prof. Junichiro Kono


Fri, Feb. 27 - Sat, Feb. 28, 2015


Duncan Hall - McMurtry Auditorium
Duncan Hall, Rice University
Houston, Texas 77005
United States