Imaging nanoscale magnetic structure

FCMP Lecture


Date: Thursday, Oct. 22

Time: 3:10 pm

Place: SST 106


Speaker:  Prof. Ben McMorran (U. Oregon Eugene)


Title:  Imaging nanoscale magnetic structure




What do magnets look like on the nanoscale? That is, what is the three dimensional magnetic polarization structure inside real objects and devices? It turns out that a complete answer to this question cannot be provided by any single measurement technique, but at least a partial solution can be provided by multiple measurement techniques. I will review some of these techniques, and will specifically concentrate on electron microscopy of nanomagnetic structures. As an example of such structures, I will show our recent images of magnetic skyrmions - spin polarization textures with nontrivial topology - and their evolution under applied magnetic fields. If there is time, I will discuss new magnetic microscopy techniques we are developing using “sculpted” electron beams that carry orbital angular momentum.


Thu, Oct. 22, 2015


Space Science Room 106
Space Science and Technology Bldg - Rice University
Houston, Texas 77005
United States