Workshop on Strongly Correlated Materials: Topology and Quantum Phase Transitions

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Rationale and Scope:

Topological states of matter are actively being explored in strongly correlated electron materials. Because strong correlations lead to a host of electronic ground states, this subject is inherently entwined with the physics of quantum phase transitions.

The workshop will address open questions and explore new directions in the areas of topology and quantum phase transitions in Kondo insulators, heavy fermion metals, and related materials. It will bring together experts in these different focus areas so that lively discussions can take place.


Dates: January 23-24, 2017

Location: Rice University, Janice and Robert McNair Hall, Room 116

  • Paid visitor parking is available in the Central Campus Garage, the underground garage beneath the McNair Hall.

Invited Speakers: 

James Analytis (University of California, Berkeley)
Fakher Assaad (University of Wuerzburg, Würzburg)
Collin Broholm (Johns Hopkins University)
Jonathan Denlinger (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
Maxim Dzsero (Kent State University)
Zachary Fisk (University of California, Irvine) 
Pallab Goswami (University of Maryland)
Pavan Hosur (University of Houston)
Yuji Matsuda (Kyoto University)
Andriy Nevidomskyy (Rice University)
Johnpierre Paglione (University of Maryland)
Catherine Pepin (CEA, France)
Suchitra Sebastia (University of Cambridge)
Lucia Steinke (Texas A&M University) 
Joe D. Thompson (Los Alamos National Laboratory)



The workshop will start in the morning on Monday, January 23, and conclude by about 5:00 pm on Tuesday, January 24.

There will be an introductory session at the beginning of the program. Speakers in the subsequent sessions will devote a considerable portion of their talks to perspectives and outlooks of the covered topic. Extended time periods will be allocated for open discussions.

The program will also include a poster session.



Monday, January 23, 2017

8:40 - Welcome Remarks - Douglas Natelson, Chair of the Department of Physics & Astronomy, Rice University


Session 1: Topology and correlations: Experimental perspective - Session

Chair: Joe D. Thompson (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

8:45—9:15 Paschen

9:15—9:45 Fisk


Session 2: Topology and correlations: Theoretical perspective - Session

Chair: Joe D. Thompson (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

9:45—10:15 Hosur




10:45—11:15 Si

11:15—12:00 Discussion


12:00—1:30  Lunch


Session 3: Kondo insulators and related materials - Session Chair: Matthew Foster (Rice University)


1:30—2:00 Paglione

2:00—2:30 Sebastian

2:30---3:00 Denlinger




3:30—4:00 Analytis

4:00—4:20 Steinke

4:20—4:40 Goswami

4:40—5:30 Discussion



Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Session 4: Theory of topology and quantum phase transitions - Session Chair: Pengcheng Dai (Rice University)


8:45—9:15 Dzero

9:15—9:45 Assaad

9:45—10:15 Nevidomskyy




10:45—11:15 Pepin

11:15—12:00 Discussion


12:00-12:15 Poster preview session


12:15—2:30  Lunch and poster session


Session 5: Emergent phases and quantum criticality - Session Chair: Meigan Aronson (Texas A&M)


2:30—3:00 Broholm

3:00—3:30 Matsuda

3:30—4:00 Thompson

4:00—5:00 Discussion



Silke Buehler-Paschen (Vienna University of Technology/Rice University)
Qimiao Si (Rice University)

For questions on the scientific program, please contact one of the organizers.

For accommodation and other logistics questions, please contact Ginny Whitaker.


Poster Session Information:

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  • If you submit an abstract you must also register for the workshop.
  • Abstracts received after the print deadline will be included in the online program. 
  • Poster presenters will have the opportunity to give a one minute poster preview talk with one slide. 
  • Poster Preview Slides are due Friday, January 20 


Mon, Jan. 23 - Tue, Jan. 24, 2017


Rice University
United States