RCQM Spring Workshop "Topological superconductors: Materials, topological order, and quenched disorder"

Workshop Information

Topological superconductors: Materials, topological order, and quenched disorder

Location: Rice University, Houston, Texas.  Dates: April 24-25, 2018



In the past decade there has been an explosion of interest in new forms of topological matter, driven by the discoveries of topological insulators and gapless topological phases. An intense effort is now being made to employ these as platforms for topological superconductivity. The discovery of bulk 3D topological superconductors would carry the promise of exotic quantum phenomena on their surface, in the form of so-called Majorana surface states. Several candidate materials have been proposed and are currently being measured and hotly debated.

The discovery of bulk topological superconducting materials could open the door to topological quantum computation, in which quantum information is stored in the topology of a macroscopic quantum state. Much experimental and theoretical effort has been invested by major companies to realize topological quantum computing in artificial (engineered) systems, but many technical barriers remain to be solved. Bulk topological superconductors could solve these problems “automatically” through a physical realization of the needed topology, if a suitable host material is found. The time is ripe for a small, intensive conference hosting both experimentalists and theorists to discuss prospects for bulk topological superconductivity. The conference will emphasize materials and existing experiments, as well as fundamental theoretical advances that link topological superconductors to the well-known quantum Hall effect in 2D. The proposed workshop will address these key unsolved problems and by bringing together experts from different communities, will help advance the research frontier.


Organizers’ Information

Organizers: Matthew Foster (Assistant Professor, Rice University, matthew.foster@rice.edu), Andriy Nevidomskyy (Associate Professor, Rice University, nevidomskyy@rice.edu), Johnpierre Paglione (Professor, University of Maryland, paglione@umd.edu), Pavan Hosur (Assistant Professor, University of Houston, pavanhosur@gmail.com)



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Tue, Apr. 24 - Wed, Apr. 25, 2018


Rice University
United States