Rui-Rui Du


Department: Physics and Astronomy

Office Phone: (713) 348-5780


Research Areas

Research Description

Prof. Rui-Rui Du is an experimental condensed matter physicist. His research primarily concerns the electronic properties of electrons confined in a two-dimensional plane, and subjected to a an intense magnetic field (up to approximately 1 million time of the Earth field) and extremely low temperatures (about a few thousandths of a Kelvin above absolute zero), where correlations between billions of electrons would lead to so called "emergent phenomena" in which the underlying physics is being described by fractionally-charged quasipartices or other exotic entities. 

With the advent of nanotechnology, quantum engineering of correlated materials and devices now becomes a reality. For example, we are able to change ordinary semiconductor into "topological insulators". Recently we have discovered a quantum spin Hall insulator made of InAs and GaSb quantum wells; electrons can flow around it’s perimeter without dissipating powers.  Such “electronic superhighway" could be the base for future generation of computer chips.  We are also interested in combining superconductivity and the 1D helical edge states, in engineering “Majorana Fermions” in solid state materials for fundamental research. One of the predicted properties of MFs is that they obey so-called “nonabelian” statistics.


Selected Publications


1. I. Knez, C. T. Rettner, S. S. P. Parkin, L.-J. Du, R.-R.Du,  G. Sullivan,  "Observation of Edge Transport in the Disordered Regime of Topologically Insulating InAs/ GaSb Quantum Wells", Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 026602 (2014).

2. Ivan Knez, R.R. Du, and G. Sullivan, “Andreev Reflection of Helical Edge Modes in InAs/GaSb Quantum Spin Hall Insulator”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 186603 (2012).

3. Guangtong Liu, Chi Zhang, D. C. Tsui, Ivan Knez, Aaron Levine,  R. R. Du, L. N. Pfeiffer, and K. W. West, "Enhancement of the n = 5/2 Fractional Quantum Hall State in a Small In-Plane Magnetic Field", Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 196805 (2012).

4. Ivan Knez, R.R. Du, and G. Sullivan, “Evidence for Helical Edge Modes in Inverted InAs/GaSb Quantum Wells”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 136603 (2011).

5. Yanhua Dai, R. R. Du, L. N. Pfeiffer, and K. W. West, "Observation of Cyclotron Harmonic Spike in Microwave-Induced Resistances in Ultraclean GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Wells", Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 246802 (2010).

6. Chi Zhang, T. Knuuttila, Yanhua Dai, R. R. Du, L. N. Pfeiffer, and K. W. West, "Observation of n= 5/2 Fractional Quantum Hall Effect at 10 Tesla: Implications for Pfaffian State", Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 166801(2010).

7. M. A. Zudov, R. R. Du, L. N. Pfeiffer, and K. W West, “Evidence for a New Dissipationless Effect in 2D Electronic Transport”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 90, 046807 (2003).

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9. W. Pan, R.R. Du, H.L. Stormer, D.C. Tsui, L.N. Pfeiffer, K.W. Baldwin, K.W. West, “Strongly Anisotropic Electronic Transport at Landau Level Filling Factor n= 9/2 and n= 5/2 under a Tilted Magnetic Field”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 83, 820 (1999).

10. R. R. Du, H. L. Stormer, D. C. Tsui, L. N. Pfeiffer, K. W. West, “Experimental Evidence for New Particles in the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect”, Phys. Rev. Lett.70, 2944 (1993).


Prof. Rui-Rui Du graduated from Fudan University, in Shanghai, China. He then studied condensed matter physics, obtained a Ph. D. from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1990).  After a Postdoctoral Research Fellow appointment at Princeton, he became an assistant professor at University of Utah in 1994, and was subsequently promoted to associate and full professor. He moved to Rice University in 2004. Prof. Du was a recipient of Sloan Fellowship, Chinese Outstanding Young Researcher Award, and APS Fellowship.

Recent Publications